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Tell me I'm not a bad Mommy..

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Oh yes, I'm having a pity party I guess. I just feel like such a bad Mom today. I had one of those days where I just don't want to be the Mom. I want to just be by myself. I'm tired of plucking my 2 yr old out of the kitchen sink, tired of finding my 4 yr old's peed clothes hidden in the house..tired of dh thinking that just because HE has a project doesn't mean >I< have that project.

Ok it's all normal stuff..grateful for my family. Grateful 3 of my kids are with their Dad for a week so it IS quieter and less busier. I dunno. I just wish I could do my own thing, watch what I want to watch on tv, do what I want..*Sigh* I know this too will pass and I'm being selfish but I'm just not in the MOOD! LOL

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just reading your sig is exhausting!! :LOL You have such a busy life, and are mama to so many, of COURSE you want time to yourself! Don't feel bad, you are doing great. Vent away, that's one of te reasons this place is here.

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You are so NOT a bad mom for needing time to yourself!!! I had a revelation last week that I'd like to share...My DH took 2 weeks off work and instead of going somewhere on vacation, we decided to stay home and get stuff done, and relax and have time so that each of us could have some time to ourselves. That really seemed like a good idea, on paper. That two weeks flew by, very little got done, and neither of us had time to do anything on our own. I was getting really frustrated trying to figure out where we went wrong. Then it occurred to me that taking care of three small children is a TWO PERSON JOB!!! Which explained why I've been feeling so burned out lately, and explained why nothing extra was accomplished when he was home. You're right, this too shall pass...there will come a time when we won't remember how hard it was (at least that's the lie I tell myself). Hang in there!
i know just how you feel some days! :yawning: there's just some of those days where i just wish i could have my own drink, without the backwash floating in the bottom
or go to the bathroom without 2 little girls staring at me waiting for me so that i can get them juice, a snack, their crayons, a video, read a story, play tea party, dry a tear, referee an know what i mean. then there's days like today when just there smiles
remind me why i love being a sahm! i guess its just like any tough job, there's days where it worth it, then there's days when you question your decision or sanity
:LOL i think we all need a little "me" time. to be able to do all those wonderful, fulfillling things we do as mommies, we need to take care of "us" too
a happy mommy means happy kids.
im just realizing this on my own too
hang in my grandma
always used to say "this too shall pass"
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You know we get it

Every single day during DD's second nap we have quiet time. DD sleeps all wrapped up on the couch or on my lap and DS watches tv (treehouse...all preschool no commercials) and I relax and surf and do quiet cleaning (vaccuming is not quiet...they like to play tag with the vaccum cleaner).

But sometimes I still want them to just leave me alone. For an entire day. I want to be me, not mom. Or (my favourite
)momomomomomomomomom. I want to watch trash, sleep in, eat without sharing and go poop without an entourage.

You are not a bad are a human being.
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