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tell me plz mommas how to make a simple batch of homade laudry soap

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someone plz tell me how to make a simple batch of homade laundry soap....i would love to start making my own...thanks
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The recipe I use calls for

2 cups grated fels naptha soap
1 cup washing soda (not baking soda, but washing soda - find it in the laundry isle)
1 cup borax

I mix all the dry ingredients together and use about 1/8 cup per load (we have a standard top-loading machine). It helps to fill the machine with a bit of hot water and dissolve the laundry soap and then fill it up with whatever temp water you need for washing the load.
My recipe's basically the same but I used 2 cups of vegan soap flakes. That way they were already grated.

I also added some ylang ylang essential oil. I didn't count how many drops, just mixed it up and let my nose decide when it was good. I may still tweak it a little depending.

The last time I made a batch of this I nearly filled an empty bucket that we bought kitty litter in and it lasted FOREVER. It worked really well on regular laundry, but I found it was a good idea to do a quick cold water pre-rinse on really dirty stuff.
boogiemonster, how did you pre-dissolve the laundry soap when you were doing the pre-rinse? Did you take the rinsed laundry out of the washer, dissolve the soap, and then put the laundry back in?
I'm a laundry soap flunkie, but I always post my alternative on these kinds of threads, in case more flunkies come along and just want something to make it cheaper.

What I do, is go to the food mill in town, buy sodium bicarbonate by the 50# sack for $7.00. I put 1/3 cup of that, along with about 1/8, maybe a bit more Purex laundry soap. Some people don't like this method, but I have had great results, and along with cutting up laundry dryer sheets, or line drying what I can, has majorly decreased the cost.
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