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tell me what you know about Greenville,SC

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the good,the bad and the ugly

we are moving to Greenville as soon as our house sells here.actually to travelers rest.tell me there are other mamas nearby!
thank you!
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Well, I live in Charleston but I was born in and lived in Greenville for my first 22 years. I've been gone for 15 years, but my whole family and my best friends all still live there, and we visit about once a month, so here goes:

The good = decent weather year round; a really nice, thriving downtown w/ excellent restaurants, shops, etc.; a thriving arts scene; 3 hours from the beach and 30 minutes from the mountains.

The bad = very, very, very conservative - politically, religiously, in about every way imaginable (of course this is only bad to me b/c I'm NOT conservative - this may be a plus if you're conservative).

The ugly = can't really say anything ugly about it.

Travelers Rest is very pretty - close to the mountains. I went to Furman and think the campus is so beautiful and you'll be very near it in TR. They have concerts there outside on the lake in summer.
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Hi! I'm in Spartanburg. I know there are few other mamas in Greenville that could tell you more
There are two decent health food/grocery stores there - that much I do know.
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I live in Easley, which is just outside of Greenville. I have a few BF friends, but they are not considering BF past a year. Me, I will BF as long as I can. I haven't seen anyone else sling or CD. But I am looking. Keep in touch and maybe we can get together when you guys get moved!
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sorry I have not replied sooner! well we are going to be moved up there no later than August 30th! we just sold our house here and bought one up there.very busy time for least I don't have to keep our house here clean for showings any more! very hard with 3 kids and 2 dogs and 2 cats!
we can't wait to be up there.maybe we can meet some other moms and kids soon!
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