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I want to learn more about calcium. I know that it is a volative mineral (not sure if that's the right description-maybe the word sensitive is better).
For example, I know that chocolate prevents the absorption of calcium. (darn you chocolate milk!!!)
I know that calcium absorbs well with the addition of vitamin C.
I just read on another thread that dairy calcium needs dairy fat (ie full fat dairy) to absorb into the body. I have never heard of that before. Does that mean all of my low-fat/no-fat yogurt eating is for nought, at least relating to calcium?
I also read that calcium in veggies isn't as easily absorbed into the body as dairy calcium.

What do you know about calcium that will help me make better food choices for myself and my family?
Where can I go to find accurate information? I am hesitant to make my decisions based only on proproganda from special interests groups. But, how can I find accurate information not influenced by such groups (including NFL)?
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