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I have a good friend that is having her first baby and wants to use cloth. Since I am the only one attending her shower that uses cloth, I am trying to get her a good stash. My mom and sister are letting me shop for them as well.
So far I have or am getting:

4 NB Proraps
2 Kissaluvs
Infant Cpfs (cake)
1 dozen wipes
fleece liners
Growing Greens One Size Dipe
BBH NB Fitted
Cloud 9 Softie
Liz's Cloth

I think I also want to order a dipe from Fluffy Mail, 7th Heaven and some other WAHMs. If you make a good, fairly inexpensive (not $25) diaper and want to help me convince her to stick with cloth, PM me with your spam. I want a really good variety so they can keep what works and sell the rest to buy more.

LMK what I am forgetting. I am also going tp out together a binder with wash info, helpful websites, etc...
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Good idea. I am a fitted kind of gal but have used FB. What brand do you guys recommend?

Also, good AIOs?
I love my Little Lamb's AIO's. The extra plus is that they are very affordable!
Originally posted by cj'smommy
I love my Little Lamb's AIO's. The extra plus is that they are very affordable!

I'd go with maybe 2 small covers since I noticed that you'fre getting 4 newborn covers.

my favorite trim aio's are from and both under $25.
Never had a problem with either of these.

ETA: I used fuzzibuns with Destiny when she was about 2-3 weeks old. I loved these! I used a size small with a preemie prefold. These worked great for nights.
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