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Tell me why it's a good thing...NOOO help!

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that I can't buy the 9 elbee fitteds lot on the TP right now. Please. I have enough diapers. I only have 1 elbee though. And it fits him perfectly, really, I call it his bikini underwear diaper. I think I was dumb to size up in some stuff, because he has saggy drawer syndrome in his HH & well pretty much all his pocket diapers. The Med. Elbee fits him like a glove though...and 9 for $110 was such a good deal to me..I told dh I'd sell a bunch of other diapers to make room for them, I even said Braden wanted them for his birthday, but he's not buying it. I always consult for expensive diaper purchases (which don't happen anymore), and he nipped this one in the bud. SO tell me why it's a good thing I can't get them...all the reasons...usually I can let stuff go and see "oh he's right, duh, I'm a dork" but this time, I'm a pouty little girl who wants those elbees!
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GOOD!! Now I can stop looking at them,lol. Ahhh I'm free!
You guys never fail to crack me up :LOL In a good way though
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And remember the stains and holes... that's the only thing that set me free (besides my bakers dozen on the way)! :LOL I sure do love Elbees!
noooo they're back for sale and dh was wavering, he said I could maybe get them! but they get holes dang it, how can I love a diaper that gets holes?? help me!
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