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Tell me your toddler doesn't eat fruit

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Both dc are like this. Ds, just over 26 months, doesn't eat fruit. Might eat a veggie on occasion. Same with big sister (3.5 yo) -- she won't eat fruit, but loves broccoli and spinach. Same with fruit juices -- those are equally a no go.

We eat a variety of items and both dh and I have eaten veggies we might not have normally so they could have an example. We can't seem to get them to budge now matter how many times we've offered or variety of formats.

I tend to make baked items or unusal pancakes to compensate -- as in zucchini bread, squash pancakes, blueberry muffins, etc, -- but that isn't really comparable is it?

Dd also take a whole foods supplement, so I'm feeling a bit better there. Ds still nurses.

I have never met two kids who were so anti-fruit and barely veggie tolerant. How do I insure a balance if they won't eat it?
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Do your kids like yogurt? Smoothies may be the way to go! I make smoothies w/kefir, dandelion leaves or kale, mangoes, bananas, berries, sunflower seed butter, hempseeds, hemp milk, coconut milk etc. I also sometimes add a vitamin supplement. One of my kids has sensory issues related to eating and the smoothie is the ONLY way I can get him to ingest veggies or fruit
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My Ds very much dislkies fruit. The only veggies I can count on him eatng are Eggplant and celery. Every now and then I can get him to eat an apple cereal bar.
Veggies get hidden in pizza sauce but fruit he just doesn't like. He doesn't really have a sweet tooth.
My youngest son has never eaten fruit, but loves veggies and he is now six. He tried a piece of banana the other day and literally gagged. I don't sweat it b/c he eats plenty other stuff right now.

My oldest son is twelve and loves fruit of all kinds, but has yet to eat any veggies. Again, I quit sweating it several years ago. I used to get really stressed out with my oldest b/c he is such a picky eater. He is very freaked about textures and it has been interesting to get him to eat anything other than pizza and peanut butter.
Mine has never been a big fruit eater. Recently, she has taken to cherries and to nectarines but it has not always been like that.
DD isn't into vegetables, if you ask me, it is better that they are more into veggies than fruit. My DD won't touch broccoli anymore, she shuns most vegetables (except for sweet potatoes and corn, and even that is iffy sometimes). She does eat apples and bananas and grapes, but she goes through phases where she will love one, but then stop eating it completely. I think the blueberry muffin, zucchini bread idea is a good one. There was an article in a recent Parent magazine (I think, I just picked it up at the gym to read while I was on a cycle machine) about puree-ing good foods (spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, etc). to stick inside other foods (pizza bagels, burgers, etc.)
My 2 year old eats apple slices and grapes (not much of either) and occasionally raisins... and that's it for fruit. Veggies are also limited.

I keep offering various sorts of fruits and veggies and occasionally he'll try one. But so far, they're not his favorites.

My six year old was like that, too but now he practically subsists on fruit.

As Dr. Sears says, our job is to offer the right foods and that's it. What they choose to eat is their job.

I always liked this article
*except for the "Dipping" thing... lots of kids may love to dip things but not any of MINE.
My dd is a fruit refuser too- she eats bananas and that's it. She will eat cooked vegetables, but not raw, and she drinks fruit juice.
I'm not help mine would live off fruit and veggies alone if I let them. But I second the smoothies suggestion!
We've tried smoothies and it's a no go. He'll eat yogurt but prefers cottage cheese.

We'll keep offering and maybe one day they'll give something new a try.
my dd has just started (at 2 years) to like fruits and be less interested in veggies. i sneak a lot into sauces, baked goods, and smoothies too.

as a kid, i didn't eat anything! i was so picky, but am a healthy adult now. on hard to feed days, i comfort myself with this. also of comfort is dr. sears saying that we should concern ourselves with diet over a weeks time rather than a day. that helps a lot.
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