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Tell Oprah to spread the message!

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Its no secret that a lot of women watch Oprah. I know her episode on "living green" which barely touched on the diaper issue (one sentance) is what made me consider switching to cloth. I bet if *she* let American women know about the changing face of cloth diapers, they would make the switch. And for every kid in cloth, that is about 2 ton less nasty diapers in landfills!

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Just sent a small request! (actually used up the 2000 character spaces!)
Thanks for the great idea!
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Great idea. I do love watching my Oprah and checking out what jewels she's wearing today. Here is my letter:

I would really appreciate it if you did a show like "Landfill Children: Parenting choices in the U.S. and their global impacts on the environment."

Highlight how we are teaching our children to view their new world as "disposable" from the moment they don their first diaper (literally).

Make the focus of the show ways in which parents can make concious choices to reuse and recycle in every way they can. This is so important when new parents are the focus of marketing campaigns telling them that chemical-based, disposable products are best for their baby;ie., disposable diapers,wipes, plastic toys/cups/spoons/bottles/bags -- everything geared toward a child is plastic these days.

I especially hope that you would highlight the fervent community of mothers who continue to happily diaper their children in cloth. There is quite a large group of women, like myself, that sew their own specialty diapers either for their own children or to sell online to other mothers. One by one these women are making an enormous difference in the waste levels of our landfills. Disposable diapers are the NUMBER ONE source of solid waste in our landfills. Each child will produce several tons of waste due to diapering by his or her third birthday.

Your show would do wonders to inspire mothers to explore the many alternatives to disposable diapering.

Many thanks for your consideration,

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