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Telling at work (random thoughts)

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So I had naively thought people would start to notice that I am PG and eventually ask me about it, but no one really has. So, I finally let it slip with a co-worker. Well, she's very sweet and considerate, so now I think she doesn't feel it's her place to tell anyone herself--which is totally fine and indeed considerate. I just thought she would be more of a gossip with this type of thing LOL!

Anyway, for some reason I just find myself not telling people and I keep thinking of a scene in the movie Knocked Up. The main character is very far into her pregnancy and very obviously pregnant and her producer (boss) is saying to her "When were you planning on telling us?" I just thought that was a hilarious scene.

So, that's just my random thought for the day... I think I need to rent that movie again.
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It was that way when I was pregnant with DS. I'm a phd student so I went around and directly told my committee members since it wouldn't be good if they found out through the rumor mill but beyond that, I didn't directly tell hardly anyone. People would look at me weird though. I went home and cried to DH one day because I was convinced everyone just thought I was getting fat.
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