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Hi everyone,
This is my first time on this board and am wondering if any of you are located in Temecula or vicinity.

I am a first time WAHM to a wonderful almost 5 month old DD. I am trying to be a SAHM by the end of the year. I love Mothering magazine and would really like to meet some like minded moms.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!
Kae's Mom
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I'm in Temecula.
My family moved out here for 6 months in Dec. We will be moving back north in either May or June depending on when our newest addition arrives.
I'm a SAHM and my dh is a WAHD.
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Hi, I'm in the San Diego area. There is a San Diego Mama's tribe, here, too. You may want to check it out. Welcome!
Someone just joined SoCalAPFamilies today who's in Temecula! Link in sig
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I'm in Temecula. Also a WAHM of two girls, almost 6 months and 2yr old. Welcome!
If anyone in Temecula (or wants to come to Temecula
) wants to have a park date please let me know! My 6mo old finally likes the car and so I am no longer stuck at home.
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We are looking at moving to Temecula! Its really pretty there.
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