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temperature woes

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i've been ttc now for a year but have been having very irratic cycles (22-40 days) and very heavy periods. just started charting this month and although i've checked TCOYF, can't find what is going on with my cycle.

i started charting the last 5 days of the old cycle and the temps were no different from the first 11 days of this month (97.3-97.9) Then on cd 12-cd15 they dropped about a degree (96.4-96.7). CM is usually sticky. cervix seems to be dropping on the low temp days.

the low temps seem very low and now i don't know that a rise would even count as a signal of o'ing.

it doesn't help that i wake up every hour or two because dd is still not sleeping at night so can't get that required three hours in. Nor does breaking my glass bbt thermometer every week. (i do this myself--can't blame dd for everything unfortuntely

anyone else experience really low temps? or a significant drop that lasts several days before o'ing?

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