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temps + co-sleeping question

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Hi - I'm new to the board and am hoping you more experienced charters can help me. I charted when trying to get pregnant with my daughter, who is now 2, but haven't been the last few months we've been trying (laziness I guess). Well, AF showed up this morning, so I've decided to get serious. My question is this, my daughter co-sleeps with us and usually wakes me up but there's no quiet calm time really. I remember reading you need to do it consistently and before you start moving around - impossible w/my little one. Will it really matter?
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We co-sleep with our daughter who is also 2. While I might not take my temps at the same exact time each morning, I don't think it has mattered much. I can still see my temp shift and can see a clear pattern from month to month. My biggest problem is finding my bbt! She likes to pretend its a knife and "cut" things with it. I usually keep it put up until I go to bed, and then after I temp, I place it on my computer so she can't erase the temp. Good luck...I believe that it can be done
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2 yo DS doesn't usually wake up before me, but when he does, I quickly put him to the breast, then pop the thermometer in and temp while he nurses.
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