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Tentatively joining in....

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I just got a
! I'm a little nervous because I just had a loss this past April. I also had two mc before my first DS. I'm going to call my OB soon to see if I can get in for HCG levels soon so I know what is going on. Hopefully this baby will stick and I'll be with all of you for the next 8 months. I'd be due somwhere around the 14th.
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congratulations and welcome!! let us know how the dr's appointment goes.
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Welcome! There are quite a few of us who have had losses and are nervous. I hope we all get to stick around here until Feb!
Congratulations!! I hope we are all sticking around til February!!! Keep us posted!!
Congrats Jen! I've had three miscarraiges and I know how you feel! Let's all think positive!
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