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Tentatively joining ya'll

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Hey all! Im 11DPO today and have had 3 positive HPT tests....however I have *known* since conception what was happening. Im due December 16th and this will be my 4th. My youngest is only 10 months old so Im a little nervous at doing this so close to the last one and having two babes under the age of 2...but Ive always been one to hold on for the ride and go with the flow. Anyway, as I allow myself to get more excited and not be so scared, im sure I will post a whole lot more....but I did just wanna say hi!
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Hi I'm due the 7th this will be my third I've only taken one test but it turned so quickly I don't need another! Congrats and it will be fun getting to know you!

Congrats! My first two are 18 months apart, and to me it has been easier having them close together. They are such good friends!
I'm still pretty shocked. I only had sex ONCE since my LMP and go figure it would knock me up. We were going to start TTC in June/July so I guess we'll be fast tracking with this pregnancy.

i'm a little bummed. DH is deploying for a year in July/August to Iraq and I was hoping to get pregnant right before he left so that I wouldn't have to be a single parent to two children for too long. Six months as a single parent...I'm kind of scared.
COngrats!!!! Everything will be fine. My first 2 are 12 months apart! This will also be my fourth!!!!! Have a happy and healthy pg!!!!
Guess it isn't tentative anymore....Ive passed AF now by two days, taken a few more hpt tests and am dealing with the non-stop fatigue....Im pregnant!
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