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Terrible Sleeping

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Ok, am i the only one with the worst sleep ever? no matter what i do, i can not get comfortable and i toss and turn all night long. I will wake up on my back and be all worried that i am hurting the baby (in my half dream state ). i am already sick of sleeping on my sides and i think we need a new bed and new pillows. i feel like i dont have enough room to get comfy (we have a full size bed but also cosleep with the dog who i am convinced thinks she is a human child, also she is small so it's not like a huge deal

no amount of pillows are helping and with DP next to me i don't have much room for a pillow behind and in front of me. argh. i also wake up super sore all over.

any tips?
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sucks totally.

I find I'm most comfortable when i do this: body pillow on one side, regular pillow only a couple inches away from it length wise, another regular pillow where my head would be - then I climb in facing the body pillow on my side (kind of draped over the pillow) and then I have ANOTHER pillow that I put my head on. (so the pillow i originally placed for my head is actually under my arm and shoulder, yk?)

Granted - I only get this for like an hour or two after dh gets out of bed, but it TOTALLY takes the pressure off my hip and I sleep SOUNDLY. The rest of the night I spend tossing as well. I usually end up lying ALMOST on my back - with the body pillow under one side of my body so I'm not FLAT, yk? Then, I have it curled under that same leg, so it's comfy for my back.

sucks - but it's only temporary
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I'm there with you! I can't stand this. I'm going to try Julia's suggestions... but I"m also thinking of buying one of those body pillows that I laughed at earlier in my pregnancy.
i am going to buy a body pillow as well
and i think a memory foam head pillow
then i can also use the extra pillows i already have for other weird support in areas.

this i think is what i need
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GL doser. the last two nights i have woken after sleeping on my side and under my rib cage, like inside my body just hurts for a few minutes until i change position. i swear it's some organ. i thought it was pregnancy related but i told DH and he said the same thing has been happening to him. strange. maybe it's our mattress. it has been sooo comfy, the best mattress ever, it's not even that old (like maybe 2.5 years). however it is a knock-off memory foam so that could be it. i wish we could get an organic latex mattress but they are so pricey and i don't know of anywhere to try them out. we got the memory foam before i researched and found they were horribly toxic. yay!
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I sleep terribly too. I also wake up on my back and I used to be worried but I think I read in Dr. Sears or something that it is nothing to worry about - the reason you woke up is to alert you to shift and change position - my understanding is that your body will give you plenty of warning before the pressure gets too much. I use a body pillow and it helps. The real thing that helps? Delivering the baby and not being pregnant anymore
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Originally Posted by sammyloo View Post
I also wake up on my back and I used to be worried but I think I read in Dr. Sears or something that it is nothing to worry about - the reason you woke up is to alert you to shift and change position - my understanding is that your body will give you plenty of warning before the pressure gets too much.
You're right- I have the Sears Pregnancy Book and that's exactly what it says. I have had a horrible time sleeping lately- pre-pregnancy I always slept on my belly. I try to sleep on my side, but if I wake up on my back I don't sweat it- for reasons you just mentioned. I've also heard that it really varies from person to person how much laying on your back affects you. Each woman's body is different, so some people notice it more than others. Either way, like you said, your body would let you know that something was wrong.
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ugh- seriously! My ribs, hips, shoulders, all hurt from lying on my side so much! I find dh offers great support too, when he's a willing participant LOL.
i sleep for shit as well.

i go from side to back to other side to stomach, to side again to back...and so on ALL NIGHT LIGHT. insert peeing in between all those.

i even tried a friends SNOOGLE pillow. Ditched it after the second night. takes up too much room in our Queen bed, and i'd have to flip it as well everytime i changed sides. more work that i wanted.

what is most comfortable is what someone else suggested. on my back with a little pillow support on one side. when im on my sides or my stomach i feel more pain/discomfort in my abdomen.
Do you have a body pillow? I got one at Target and my sleep has improved TREMENDOUSLY!
I have a Dr's appt tomorrow and I was going to ask him about this very topic.
Is there a certain time when you have to stop sleeping on your back no matter what, or is it just when sleeping on your back isn't comfortable/makes you lightheaded/etc.? I started trying to sleep on my sides exclusively a few weeks ago, using pillows, (because I thought I "needed" to) and found that I woke up a lot, and my hips were usually aching in the morning. A few nights ago I ditched the pillows and went back to my regular sleeping habit-I start on my side, and then wake up a few times in the night and readjust to my back or other side as needed. I sleep tons better now, no achiness or any other problems. But I will check with Dr. tomorrow to make sure that that I'm not doing anything bad.

I have also found that my futon couch is comfy for naps. The seat is more angled than a regular couch so it sort of cradles you and can give a little more support for your belly than a regular couch. I miss sleeping on my stomach, and this sort of simulates that position for me without me actually lying on my stomach.
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Sleeping crappy here too. Add to that a toddler and preschooler who will.not.sleep and I am a zombie most days. I find I am waking up on my stomach far too often and am really trying to surround myself with pillows to prevent that.
Crummy sleep here, too. Sore back, sore pelvis, sore hips, gotta pee 5 times a night, 2 year old waking up to nurse

I'm loving that pillow dosergirl posted a link to...I had a body pillow that was "C" shaped before and loved it, that one looks even better!!!

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we ordered the pillow so now i will be tracking that package in hopes that sometime this week will mean great sleep for me.

but yeah, everything hurts, back, hips, every joint really. even my arms! argh.

i am going to take a relaxing bath and insist on a massage tonight.
Late to chime in, but yep me too! I keep waking on my back and then worry. And side-sleeping is not as comfy anymore. Not sure what to do. I have added pillows, but still toss and turn lots more than normal. Sigh. Not sure any more pillows will fit in our bed.

First pg then a baby. . .I feel doomed to never. sleep. again. I'll miss you sleep! We had it good while it lasted.
So no one has the HOLY GRAIL answer!!

When I first started having trouble I brought the body pillow into the bed -- oh way too much trouble! So now aside from my three regular pillows I've added another king size pillow that I use to support the boobs, belly, and between the knees and then I have this little moshi pillow that I use on the other side to keep me propped up... But I still wake up way too much with sore shoulders, hips, hurting tummy, etc so I have to switch sides -- goes on all night long.
Twice already I've woken up due to painful arms from switching to my back mid-sleep cycle.
Now what I really need is a mattress with a nice little burrowing cushioned hole for the bump and boobs to settle into and then maybe I can have a sound night of sleep!

and I'm really tired of the non-stop growing boobs, is this happening to anyone else? I was already too big on top before the pregnancy, now they're beyond big.. they've moved to the ginormous category!!
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