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terribly embarrassing TMI question

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my whole family spent the weekend enjoying a terrible, double-ended bout of the stomach flu. after 12 hours stuck on the toilet while vomiting, i seem to have developed HORRIBLE, AWFUL, SCARY-LOOKING (yeah, i had to look) hemorrhoids.
: they're so scary and painful! and my god -- i need to know -- will my poor butt ever be the same again?? will they ever go back inside (or whatever)? and how in the sam-heck am i supposed to push a baby out with monster evil hemorrhoids like this???? i'm scared!

anyone BTDT? what can i do??
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BTDT, things do get better.
it is amazing what our bodies go through!
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They will get better..if your having pain now, use a calendula diaper cream..weleda makes an amazing baby bum cream, on the expensive side,but theres so many uses for it and will totally help your pain!

I know it totally suxs but will get better!
not in your ddc... but i have a hemorrhoid that has taken up permanent residence. lol. i <3 tucks pads... lol they help.
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thanks for the tips. i'm still in shock...
If the tucks don't work (they don't for me--I have a permanent one, too--permanently external, in fact), then Prep H worked when nothing else had.
sitz baths helped mine after dd1, but that is one part of the healing process i am just not looking forward to.
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Witch hazel is very soothing. You might also take a probiotic to help get your system back to normal.
Ugh- I developed these when I was pg with DS- so not fun and incredibly scary! My OB suggested nupricane (sp?) it is cheap and made it feel better at least! The good news is that mine went away- but the bad news is that they come back....

As for a good probiotic- try Natren infant probiotic. it is hands down my fav and the best!

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If the tucks don't work (they don't for me--I have a permanent one, too--permanently external, in fact), then Prep H worked when nothing else had.
mine is external too!
the prep H worked for me as well. so did the hot bath things
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I've had them come and go during both pregnancies. I second the above suggestions, my MW with my DD told me to gently massage them in the shower with warm water, and gentle push them back in. I find it works and doesn't hurt. It will get better! Target has a generic witch hazel wipe packet that feels good and help and are cheap!
bless you, ladies. and bless my sweet DH who offered to make the drug store run for me. (i took him up on it.
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Ugh! How yucky!

Hope your stomach is feeling better, and your bum soon, too!

(Totally never thought I'd ever say *THAT* on the Internet! Or anywhere else, for that matter...)

And now I have one more thing to worry about! I forgot all about the possibility of hemmarhoids!
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