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Terrified of Santa?

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Anyone else's children terrified of Santa?

DSD has been absolutely terrified of Santa, and well anything in costume all her life. She is 4.5 years old and we still don't have any pictures of her on Santa's lap because she will freak out at even the mention to go see Santa and tell him what she wants for Christmas...

Just curious of when kids grow out of this?
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Well, my brother is 44 and I'm *pretty* sure he's no longer terrified of Santa. But seriously, Santa was a HUGE fear of his all the way through his childhood years (probably until he learned the truth about Santa, ca. age 8.)

Dd is 4 1/2 and told me when we were getting in the car to go see our local tree lighting (where Santa was going to make an appearance), that "last year I was scared to sit on Santa's lap, but this year, now that I'm 4, I'm not scared any more."

Right. She did want to see Santa, but she didn't want to get more than about 4 feet away from him before she stopped. I think she may have said "hi".

I don't have any pictures of my kids with Santa and I don't miss them. Maybe I'm jaded because I'm too cheap to buy the commercial ones and that was never a family tradition for us (my parents couldn't afford the commercial ones with Santa, dh's parents couldn't so it really wasn't part of our traditions.)
Lynn, OMG, so funny about your brother! That will probably be my DD. She's 6.5 now, and this is the first year we could enter the MALL between T'giving and Christmas. In past years, I'm talking screaming mimi's at the very thought of sitting on Santa's lap. When she was 4.5 was the first year she didn't write Santa to please leave her presents at my brother's house! She's now OK with him coming down the chimney, as long as she's safe in bed with me and she doesn't have to see him. Typing this out, I sound like the meanest mom for perpetuating the "fun," don't I?

So I'm thinking we will never have the photo of her in Santa's lap. And that's OK.
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Good to know I'm not alone! lol

I just have never met a child terrified of Santa before!

My family does a big Christmas party every year and the "elders" meet and discuss foods who is bringing what etc... Well my Aunt brought up this year with so many young ones popping up in the family that we should get someone to dress up as Santa this year and I was like, "NO!!" lol DSD would seriously freak.
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Well, this is the note that my kids "wrote" to Santa 2 years ago: (when ds was 5 1/2, dd 2 1/2)

Dear Santa.

They're both scared and thrilled by the idea of Santa.

(And my brother would probably kill me for saying what I did. But seriously, he's never ever been a Santa guy. Good thing he's 6'4" and about 180 lbs. so he'll never be recruited to play Santa!)
oh that is the sweetest Santa note!

DD is terrified (she's not quite 4.5), and she always has been. She won't even discuss going anywhere he might appear.

Two years ago or so when she first started hearing that Santa brought presents, I offered the possibility of fairies instead. She loved that idea.

So, we have holiday fairies. She loves them and doesn't care at all about Santa! lol

Dd has always been leary of Santa. She won't even look at him when ds goes to see him. She still makes a small list tho
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