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Test & Vitamin Recommendations?

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My son is 22 months old and experiencing some allergy-like symptoms but I can't seem to connect it to a particular food or foods that he or I are eating. Is there a test for this kind of thing that could at least point us in the right direction? His symptoms are not that severe. His pediatrician is fairly dismissive, so I also probably need to find someone who believes in food intolerance in order to pursue this. Any recommendations on how to find a doc to do tests?

Also, we've been giving him trivisol, but I would prefer a more natural supplement. Also, it was recommended to me that I give him magnesium. I'm afraid he would choke on the adult pills, and I don't think our pharmacy carries baby vitamins other than trivisol. What brands or things should I be looking for? Can he take chewables at this age? This is my first child, so I'm pretty clueless.
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What sorts of symptoms? When did they start? Is he nursing? Have you been keeping a food journal?
Here are the symptoms he has had:
1. red ring around anus off and on since birth
2. apparently painful gas for the first few months of life (not any more)
3. avocado-green poop for a few weeks around 1-2 months old
4. unexplained occasional red rash on his cheeks since around 6 months old
5. occasional faint pink rash on the inner sides of his knees or on the cheeks of his bottom (off and on since about 12 months old)
6. dry scalp which sometimes flakes a little (seems worse in the winter)
7. inconsistent with peeing on the potty (we practice some elimination communication.)
8. pees in his sleep without waking frequently

He might go a few weeks with no symptoms, then have a symptom off and on for a few weeks, etc. I can't connect it to any food or foods in particular. He does still nurse, which means my diet could effect him as well. We cut out dairy for a month or so a while back, but it was hard to stick with it and I couldn't tell if it was making any difference, so we went back to eating it.

The rash on his cheeks, body, and dry scalp could easily just be dry skin. Both my husband and I tend to have dry skin and it does seem to be worse in the winter time. The red ring around his anus usually goes away within 24 hours of appearing, and does not seem to really bother him. The only symptom that really makes me want to try to figure it out is the pottying. He knows we want him to pee on the potty and he seems proud when he does, but a lot of times he pees on himself and then comes over to us to show us. He is only 22 months old, but I just get the feeling that there might be something else going on. I don't want to wait until he is 3 or 4 or 5 and still wetting the bed before I find out that he has a food allergy!
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I'd love some direction from others who have been through this kind of thing.
I'll try to come back in a bit with suggestions - I've been busy all day. Hopefully someone else will pop in in the meantime!
This is going to be disjointed, sorry, but I wanted to reply before bed

Peeing at night could likely be helped by extra magnesium. We do natural calm - dissolve it in a bit of hot water, then mix into juice or make it into lemonade. Stopped dd's bedwetting as long as we kept it up.

Peeing during the day might be a salicylate thing (search the forum, there are a few comprehensive threads) which would also explain why it's so hard to track down. My dd did/does that, and I haven't been able to pinpoint it. I predicted that a really high sals meal would start it up, and it did, but then it didn't go away really until she stopped getting milk (I'm pg). Other people find that it's related to a specific food trigger.

A food journal would really help figure things out like the red ring or any other intermittent symptoms.

How well did you both eliminate dairy? Hidden and trace dairy too? If you were going to try eliminating again, the big ones are gluten, dairy, soy and corn.

For vitamins, most of them will pass through your milk proportional to what you're getting, but minerals need to be supp'ed directly. One exception is magnesium - when I supp'ed myself, dd benefited, but that's not what's *supposed* to happen. My guess is it had to do with weird mineral/electrolyte balance on my part due to my adrenal issues.
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