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Testing dipes Q & pic of latest

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Ok ladies to be honest this diaper creation thing has become kind of an obsession of mine lately. I think it's something to keep giving me hope while dh and I are still trying to conceive #3. Also if I can perfect it good enough maybe I can make a little money in the process.

That being said I've run into a little problem. How do you test dipes if you don't have a little one to test them on yet? I was going to use my two year old brother but he's decided to go and get potty trained! Yeah for him but boo for me! Now I have no one to test these diapes on. Any suggestions? Are there ladies on here that would test dipes for other sewers?

Here's a really pretty pocket dipe I just finished but don't know how well it works. Excuse the blurry pics. It's supposed to be a newborn but even at that I think it's tiny.

Yahoo photo isn't working for me for some reason. Here's a different link.
newborn dipe
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The link didn't work for me.

Are you worried about fit or absorbancy? What did you specifically want to test?
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You could sell them as test diapers to an experienced cloth diaperer. Of course, you'd need a newborn to wear your small diapers.
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I changed the link and it seems to be working. I can't access yahoo photos at all for some reason.

I'm worried about the absorbancy more than the fit.
Your diaper looks great!

Absorbancy really depends on your fabric, what did you use? Most often recommended is 3-4 layers of hemp or cotton fleece, 2 layers of sherpa, or 6 layers of flannel/birdseye I think.

Diapering a newborn is different anyway. Most breastfed newborns poo with every feeding, so you are changing every two hours or so. They do pee alot, but their hineys are so tiny you can only wrap so much fluff around them. Bulk quickly becomes an issue.

If absorbancy is really your main concern, maybe make some doublers to use if you find your diapers aren't absorbant enough. I bet what you have will be fine.
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