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Our dd is 5.5 and is exhibiting signs that she may have some dyslexia - mirror writing, not being able to tell directions or differentiating between hands. We are planning to homeschool her this fall (not because of this, but I am learning more about her learning style while we deschool). She was in a private pre-school and kindergarten for three years and they never mentioned this before and I am not sure if they even noticed. I remember mentioning it when she was in her second year of preschool and the teacher was sure it would resolve itself but it hasn't and it seems to be causing her some distress, especially around learning to read.

My question: any of you who homeschool, have you had you children tested for learning differences? And if so, what channels did you use for getting the tests? I am trying to figure out where to go for help with this and I keep getting told to wait until she matriculates into public school in the fall -- she is not going to public school in the fall, so no help there!!

Thanks alot! We live in NJ if anyone out there is from here.
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