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Testing question

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Since this is my first pregnancy ever, I have a simple testing question.

OK. I took HPTs, three now that have given me the same positive result.

I called my CNMW practice, and scheduled an appt., but not til Apr 11th.

Should I still get a blood test? To double confirm? Is this necessary? If so, does Planned Parenthood do this? My CNMW is about an hour drive from my work, and halfway between home and work, so I'm not really going up there unless I plan it.

Thanks in advance!
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Nope, typically the Dr or midwife takes the HPT at face value! If you get a + then they just schedule you for you r first appt at about 8 weeks.

I think they will do blood testing with HCG levels if you start spotting or having problems though. (My dr did that with both boys as I was prone to bleeding the first 18 weeks with each)
Thanks for the reply!

I won't worry about it then.

And yep, appt. scheduled for around 8 weeks!
Yeah, with my DS I went in expecting a blood test and they just did a pee test. They said it's not necassary for blood tests.

No blood tests for me the first two times, but they actually drew 5 viles of blood yesterday. I'm pretty sure one of the tests is an HCG. And I did already have a lab urine test. Guess they want to make good and sure that I'm pregnant.
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