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not sure if this should go in a TTC thread or not, cause i am not ttc yet...
i havent been feeling well. took a test. at three minutes i THOUGHT i saw a faint line, checked again at 10 minutes the max the box says to check. looked like a faint line/evap line.... cant tell which it is.
i dont want to pee on another one just yet. any advice on calming my nerves til tomorrow morning with first pee of the day to test?

also my af last month started on the 18th, a little later than "normal" and it was HEAVY with lots of cramping, there was one HUGE clot on my mama cloth that i poked at and opened (cause i am gross like that) and it looked like a piece of rice (ish) in a small sac. dont know if that makes sense, but i was sure it was a MC and not AF.
could this be a twin with a loss, or a potential + from the MC?

hot damn i am stressing out!!!
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think that if you had a very early MC last month, your hcg would have gone away enough to not give you a + test. It could be a lost twin, or you could be pregnant again. Hugs mama, there are so many uncertainties!

Have you tested again today?
i just tested this morning and it was negative. bright white negative.

has anyone ever heard of vitamins (prenatals in specific) making a PINK line on a test, even when its negative? cause the line thats on the test from yesterday. not grey, or silver. its PINK. faintly, but the color is pink.

i am going to wait a few more days....
Prenatals don't have hormones in them, the only thing that can trip a positive on a pregnancy test is hormones. It could be your hormone levels dropped between today and yesterday.
Or it could be just that you're so early in pregnancy that the test didn't detect it yet. Not all tests, even if they are the same brand and in the same box have the same level of sensitivity. When I was pg with my 2nd, I took a test on the night of 12 DPO and got an extremely faint +. The next morning I took the second test in the box and it was a stark negative. I had a blood test that same day and my hcg was 46. You could try asking your doctor for a blood test, or wait a few days and test again. Best of luck!
thanks ladies.
they are the same brand. the dollar store kind.
i will just wait a week.

oh and i meant that my pee was BRIGHT yellow cause of all the b vitamins in the prenates... so i thought maybe that could stain the evap line... awww who knows...
oooh, I hate to say this, but I just got a false + with a dollar store test about 2 weeks ago.
well seeing as we arent ttc just yet, i will be a-ok if its a false + i just want to know whats going on yanno?
i HATE not knowing.
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