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I went to the doctor today for a follow up after a miscarriage on the eighth. I got a BFP on the sixth and the blood test that I took that day said that my hCG was eight. On the day that the bleeding started, two days later, at the ER they said that my hCG 16. They did another beta 10 hours later before they sent me home and instructed me to have another beta done that Friday, the 10th.

Today at the doctors office, I was told that the last beta that was done on the morning of the ninth, before I left the ER, was 75 but had dropped down to 11 the afternoon of the tenth. I'm scheduled for another beta Monday that my doctor is expecting to come back 0. Fine. Whatever.

This is following an ectopic a year ago and a couple of chemical pregnancies over the last few years.

My doctor said that she didn't want to label me "infertile" because I am able to get pregnant, but I just can't stay pregnant. She said that she wants to do some "fertility tests" in six weeks and needed a sample from DH.

I just nodded and left, kind of sad, and got home before I realized that I didn't have a clue what she's talking about. What are "fertility tests"?
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