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TF, nursing, babyweight

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I am nursing a 9 mo old on grain-free TF diet. Her main food is breastmilk with tastes of solids at meals. I have 7 pounds that have stuck since she was 9 weeks old.

When did you TF mamas lose the last of the babyweight?!

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I've still got 10 pounds from my 10-year-old "baby."

Just had to throw that out there. Plus 20 pounds from my 3-year-old and 10 pounds from the grief eating after my stillbirth a year ago.

Good luck with your baby weight. I'll probably be a grandma before I get rid of mine.
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While you're still BF there's the extra boob volume too, so don't forget that. Some extra blood volume to support the boobs and all that.

Also, now that your baby is 9 months, you can easily start the exercising. The whole 'second pregnancy' period is over.

I can't say about losing weight, I seem to lose weigh both in pregnancy and while BF on my own, eating what feels right. I seem to develop a food aversion during this time which keeps my weight in check. Not that it's bad, I started this whole getting pregnant and on thing with a few extra pounds, with a few of their friends who wouldn't leave...

another thing to look into would be a food sensitivity aside from grains - dairy perhaps?
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I've lost my pregnancy weight a bit differently after each baby, taking between 1 month to lose it, to beginning the next pregnancy with 15lbs from the last... But what I've always read is that when you are breastfeeding your body naturally holds onto 5-10lbs of weight in order to make all that fabulous breastmilk. Do I have any helpful & explanatory links to back that up? No.
But I swear it's true! And once you stop bfeeding, thost few extra pounds usually disappear.

I'm 11mos PP & have about exactly what you do, 7lbs or so, but I'm pretty happy with that. I'm breastfeeding a little ox, er I mean my big healthy son
, & figure that's the extra fat my body needs for it.
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Thanks for the input all (I don't do dairy either) I am on the same diet I was pre-preg. (higher protein fat, lower carb, cavewoman type thing) I do excercise by walking with a double stroller in our very hilly area.

I think I probably need to pray for contentment and peace with my body. I grew up in an area where looks were very important (people get plastic surgery and all) My father and grandfather comment on my weight/body to this day..even though it was positive, It made me feel like people were closely watching my body because me weight never really did massively fluctuate when I would get the comments.

Wow! I still have issues! Anyway, I should probably stop weighing myself again since it seems to trigger bad things for me--I start feeling like I should eat less (aka "diet") and it puts me in a bad mood.
Sounds like you are super healthy and shouldn't worry about a few pounds. 10 pounds isn't much, it's probably not even making you "look" different. When I look at my pictures from 10 pounds lighter (which was FAR too skinny for me) and now I don't really see much difference, but I do for sure feel healthier and like I can eat enough without feeling sick to my stomach.
I didn't actually gain much weight this last time around so I lost the babyweight from dd very quickly. I'm working now on what I gained with ds four years ago....ugh! It's never a good idea to lose a whole bunch of weight and then get pregnant right after. It goes back on sooooo easy!
Maybe interval training would help boost your metabolism. Jordan Rubin talks about it in his book Perfect Weight America (a TF book).

I also fully support your idea of praying that God will help you find your body beautiful the way it is.
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