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TF smilies?

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I did ask this in Q&A, but we came up empty.
A number of months ago, someone on here made a number of TF smilies for us to use, but they never were added to the smilie page.
Anyone remember this? And is it possible for them to be added if they can be found?
One of them was a cow holding a raw milk sign, and there was also just a raw milk sign alone.
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i was totally imagining bone broth and a grass-fed cow turning into liver. or maybe some cod swimming around and getting turned into clo. ha!! i still can't believe my ds loves that stuff.

Still looking! I have done a search, but have come up empty handed so far.
It would be great to track down these smilies, and get them added!
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that would be very cool!
that is too cool!
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