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TF superfoods?

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I was talking to another TFer online and she said that she didn't like the term superfoods but I am still wondering if there are some as pertains to TF?

What about like bee pollen?
Bone broth?

Anything off the beaten TF path that you would consider a TF superfood?
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Raw butter. It's da bomb.
I consider bone broth a "super food" in our household.

(we also love coconut milk, but I don't think I'd consider it a superfood unless you lived where you could it eat fresh)
I definitely agree with bone broth! WE love it so much (usually chicken). And liver too.

Also, whole raw jersey milk. So good. So nutritious.

Right now I am thinking of spring greens that most everyone can gather - like dandelion. Cooked with grass fed butter.....mmmmmm.
I consider raw butter, raw milk, raw honey, dark greens, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and organic sprouted or soaked nuts all superfoods, personally. Oh, and liver and bone broths as well. There's probably more I'm just not thinking of right now. But really, what can be considered one person's magic potion can be another's poison. Everyone has differing nutritional needs to some extent. I think the only true foods that everyone's body can agree on is veggies.

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I think the only true foods that everyone's body can agree on is veggies.
But what about fermented veggies? Superfood?
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Oh, this is great, thank you

Do dandelion greens stay bitter after you cook them?
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good to know because I have a patch in my side yard.
RE: dandelions...

They are somewhat less bitter if you pick the greens before the plant flowers, but yeah, still bitter. Another good way to cook them is to fry some bacon and use the extra grease, then crumble the cooked bacon onto the greens. yum!
oh that sounds so good! does it have a flavour anything like collards or kale? I LOVE that stuff!
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