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Thai cloth diapers

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So I got really excited when I finally found cloth diapers here. I bought a 2-pack (for $5 - expensive for here), took them home, and tried them out. Totally soaked through. They're supposed to be AIO. Maybe they'd work as fitteds and I'll buy covers. Just really disappointing. Now I'm going to have to wait until JUNE to CD.
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So sorry!

I live in Singapore (I'm from the U.S.) and have had to order 99.9% of my cd supplies from the U.S. (my mom is there, and ships it all over to me). It's frustrating having to have such a delay in access to good quality dipes.

With that said, I have to admit that it's definitely not as hard for me, since:

a) it's Singapore, which at least sells really decent Chinese Prefolds, and I've found *one* place that sells a limited selection of Fuzzi Bunz;

b) my babe isn't here yet, so I've had the time to order all my fluff.

But I just wanted to say
to you, mama. Hang in there! When you finally *do* get the cd stuff you want (even if you have to wait till June), you're gonna love it, I'm sure!!!
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hey Jinkel - check out the stuff you can order from Australia - probably quicker shipping?
I'm sorry they didn't work out so well for you....very frustrating, I'm sure.
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