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THANK YOU Diaper Fairy!!!

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*sniff, sniff* The wonderful Diaper Fairy visited our home today.

Baby Tobias got 2 jars of Baby Bottom Butter! It smell sooooooooo yummy and it is so creamy and soft. This is just perfect because baby has been having a hard time with eczema lately and breaking out from his fitted diapers(they all have sherpa inners). All of the lotions I have tried have made his little skin so red and I think it stings because he cries.

Anyways, I was reading the ingredients and it is all natural and has such good, gentle, healing herbs in it so I rubbed a little bit on a sad rough spot on his leg and it didn't make it red! His skin feels so soft! I am going to keep using this on him.

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Awesome! I hope it helps with his eczema. I know how hard that can be to keep under control. Great fairy day!!
Oh cooL! Let us know if it helps the eczema! My nephew is the Eczema Poster Child
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