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Thank you Diaper Fairy!!!!!

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We got fluffy mail today!!!!!! I never ever expected to be fairied
The diaper fairy brought me (errr... I mean Olivia
) A beautiful salmony red died toddler prefold and matching t-shirt! She looks sooo cute in it! She is currently wearing it of course!

Come check her out!

Diaper fairy! You made my day! I have a huge smile on my face

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Beautiful!! I love matching tshirts and PFs.
And your daughter is so cute!
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Liv is beautiful as always!!
Love the pf set!!
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She's so cute! I love all these matching dipes and shirts going around!
Today I was so shocked I got diaper fairied by someone in Hyena Chat, Terri will not tell me who. But I got the brown cats and the abbra print FMBG aios. I am in freaking tears here. They are both so beautiful and Alek so loves cats he is so fond of them. OMG, thank you so very much fairy. I love you!!
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She is beautiful and that color is just perfect for her!
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