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I wanted to thank everyone who frequents this board with their knowledge & support. I don't get a chance to stop in to the Mothering boards very often anymore, but did a few months back after DD's first birthday. We were dealing with the typical problems of nursing the first few months following the 1-yr mark. I was also getting a lot of pressure from DH to wean. He just didn't know the benefits of continuing to nurse and was uncomfortable with it socially (not just being out in public, but what others would think knowing I was ebf). I couldn't imagine weaning, as she still seemed like the same baby she was a month before her birthday, but I was really at a loss of direction. I came here for support and all of you really helped me to keep going with your words of experience and thoughtfullness. After several discussions, DH agreed that he would not mention weaning until after winter & would make an effort to be outwardly supportive of my continuing to nurse. And, the results are in...

At 19 mos old, DD is STILL NURSING! She never showed any signs of slowing, though I sure did. DH has become unbelievably supportive! It was as if once he took the pressure off of himself, his eyes opened to the fact that turning a year old did not equal "ready to wean". He's been very supportive when I've been exhausted & sore, really helping me to make it to the next day when the times have been tough. I've noticed in the past couple of months, that when DH looks at DD while she nurses, he looks at her differently. He seems to find solace in her peacefullness at my breast, instead of a "she wants to nurse again" look. He encourages me nursing her in the evenings with comments like "she's tired & wants her mommy" or "of course she wants to nurse, she's teething & hurting, let her nurse". In fact, just yesterday he brought up weaning for what I think was the first time since January. He said something like, "when did we agree to re-address weaning? April? (I answered "yes") Hmmm. She just doesn't seem emotionally ready to wean yet." I about fell off the bed!

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