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Thank you letters to docs/nurses/midwives/hospital?

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Just attended my first prenatal with a new client and met her doc for the first time. OB was great and was very excited to have a doula at the birth. This got me thinking about thank you letters after the birth. Assuming that the birth went as the client wanted and we are happy with our experience, what would you say in a thank you letter to the nurse/ob/hospital/midwife? I would love to know what to say to appropriately thank the staff that was exceptional, without sounding like I am sucking up! LOL.... Any ideas? Mind you, natural birth and doulas are kinda rare out here and our local hospital has recently achieved the "baby-friendly" status and has a CNM on staff, so I think that we are on the verge of something great and I feel that it should be acknowledged.

Thanks for any ideas!
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For the nurses, a sincere letter that says she was helpful (if she was) and that you appreciate her would be enough -- but make sure to copy it to her nurse manager!
I think sending a thank you after a positive birth experience is a wonderful idea. I have actually done it myself. I always handwrite my cards. I also use very specific examples of what I most appreciated. I remember CNM in particular was very welcoming and was open to us using a supported squat position for pushing. The nurse in the situation had "never actually seen a natural childbirth." I thanked her for her open-mindedness in a situation that was new for her and her continued positve encouragement: "You are so relaxed and on top of each contraction!" I also included a photo of each practitioner with the mother during the birth and a business card.

I think all positive support need to be recognized! Keep up the positive reinforcement!

I always write a thank-you note to the nurse and to the midwife or doctor (I only attend hospital births, blah).

Whether or not the nurse was helpful, whether or not the midwife practiced the midwifery model of care, whether or not the doc showed up at the last second to "deliver" the baby -- I still write a note thanking them and saying what an honor it was to work with them and that I look forward to working with them in the future, and I enclose one of my business cards.

For me, I'm the ONLY doula in my small town, so the entire reputation of doulas as a whole rests on my shoulders. I think it never hurts to be proactively kind!
I did it. Specifically, I mentioned every nurse who cared for me by name and why I appreciated them, and I sent it straight to the nurse manager...who I hoped would put it in their files, mention it in their evaluations, and give them all tremendous raises.... Okay, dreaming there -- but I hope it helped them all, because they sure helped me. My hospital birth was awesome.
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