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Thank you Peoria diaper fairy!

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I've been away from MDC world for a while (crazy move, work, family drama, etc...) and lo and behold-- a diaper fairy in Peoria reached out with an act of kindness and two beautiful crickets fitteds and made my week!

I haven't been around here much-- we just got an internet connection back, and it's *gasp* dial-up (no mo' hyena hunting for me)-- but thank you diaper fairy for making me feel so loved, especially at a time when I felt like no one even noticed I was gone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. May the warm fluffy fuzzies abound!

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But you HAVE been missed! I missed you!

And what a sweet fairy!
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I noticed you were missing.Everytime I think about selling my leaves TB cover I think of you :LOL
Where's that drool smilie, Jamie?

Glad to be back, as much as I can be right now. I really, really missed MDC. It seems to change so much every time I blink!
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