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I just want to say thank you so much for all the people who give such thorough information on this board and for all the links provided. There was a thread where a link was provided (by Frankly rock!!)showing the normal opening of the intact penis and what was not "normal". Just seeing this picture gave me lots of reassurance that DS is fine. I posted several weeks ago bc his Ped retracted him and since then, his penis just looks different. Common sense would tell me that it's normal bc before the tip looked much tighter and no signs of it looks much more loose at the tip and sometimes a little more pinkish to red which makes sense to me that it would after a retraction. Anyway...I was just very thankful that the link was there for me to see so I could feel reassured that all is well. I'm not familiar with an intact so it's hard to know what's normal or not. DH is circ'd and DD is well....a girl! So, DS is my first experience and I am so glad to have this site as a reference. Thanks again!
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