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I have been lurking here now for several months and learning lots about GD. From reading many, many threads and posts here, I have found my instincts and heart have been leading me in the right direction with my one and only DD (27 mos) but have also found much-needed help with the tools to apply my beliefs to my parenting!

Were it not for all of my lurking here, I think after vacationing with both sides of the family within the last month, I would have concluded I am an alien from another planet with my parenting ideas!! First there is my brother and his family - very religious and strict - into shaming, spanking, parents must be obeyed. Then there is my husband's family - into shaming and spanking minus the religious overtones but rationalized as "that's how we were raised and we're all just fine" (that's a whole 'nother story!!) Thankfully DH is very supportive of trying something new with his child and is following my lead with GD.

Sooo, a big thanks to all of you mamas who I can come back to after a very looong and emotionally draining weekend of feeling challenged about how I am raising my child... "just wait til she's older", "you're just lucky she's so good", "if yours was as stubborn as mine...." blah blah blah blah blah....

Here I have a "gentle" place to land and know I am not an alien!!!
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