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(Thanks - no more need!) ISO: Ring slings for mainstream friends

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I have 2 friends who love the idea of a ring sling, but cannot afford to purchase one new, and I can't purchase new slings for them either. Sewing is not an option. Both friends' babies are due within a month or so! I would really love to give them each a ring sling (unpadded, please!) to try with their newborns. I am willing to pay around $15-20 total for a sling in good used condition. I do have PP

ETA: I have already purchased 2 ring slings from mamas who have contacted me. Thank you for all the offers, but I no longer have a need for more ring slings, although I'd love to buy some of the slings offered to me for myself, if only I had more money!
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I have an OTSBH in GN color if you are interested. I would take $13 ppd
OTSBH isn't quite what I'm looking for, but thank you for offering! I'm still open for other offers.
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i have a batik ring sling. its like a maya wrap.
I have a homemade ring sling, no pads. A light fabric, yellow flowers. I would say medium/large size. Used twice. I can take a picture of it. $10ppd. If you'd like a pic, PM me with your email addy.
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I have an XS Rev. Jan tencel sling, barely used. It's gorgeous. I'd send it $20 ppd. PM me if you're interested!
i have a maya wrap for $20! pm if you are interested.
I have an unpadded batik ring sling from

I would let it go for $20ppd

I have a pic ofit here:
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