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Not sure if this has already been posted:

Some of the letters in response to the babytalk picture say it all: "I was shocked to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine," and "Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob."

On the other side, there are those such as the woman who wrote to the MotheringDotCommune online forum urging supporters to flood the magazine with praise: "Thank you for showing a breastfeeding dyad on your cover. So many people in our society have lost sight of the reason women have breasts. It is extremely rare to see a breast in the media that isn't being used to sell beer, cars, or male enhancement. Thank you for that reminder that breastfeeding is normal and not to be hidden in shame."

The issue of public breastfeeding is highly politicized in the United States, where the movement has been characterized by a recent wave of breastfeeding sit-ins where women nurse their babies in public to lobby for greater acceptance of the practice, and it has prompted states to debate legislation granting legal protection to women who breastfeed in public places.

There is even a name for this new category of protester: Lactivist, to describe those advocating for greater acceptance for lactating, or nursing, mothers.
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