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.....That Good Old Prefold Love......

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Okay then. I know Marky is only 2 1/2 weeks old, but I'm already shunning the few fitteds I have in favor of the trusty old prefold. Yep. I KNEW this would happen. It happened with my oldest and it's happening again with this one. I've got a dozen FB's (for DH, nights when he's sleeping longer, etc.) and while they're a little big still they do work well. But there they sit, stuffed and pretty, waiting to be used and loved while I pass them over time and again for the infant prefold, quad-folded into a Bummis SWW. So trim, so clean and so freakin' easy I can't stand it! Total waste of my time to stalk or even browse any WAHM diapering sites, and let's not even talk about the 2 NB Honeyboys I just scored on Ebay for $10, shipping included. Will I find myself selling them off soon?????

I'm going back to work in July, takin' Marky with me to the office and I just realized I'll need a whole second diaper stash for my office.
And what will I be ordering? You guessed it!! 18 more infant prefolds and a half dozen size small Bummis SWW. Maybe I'll splurge and get cute prints since I'm not spending money on anything fancy.

I just love the simple fluff!!!!
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I hear you! I only used prefolds and flats with my first two, I've gone through an assortment of fitteds, AIO's and pockets with my third, and what is he wearing now.. and has all day, prefolds pinned with a Mother-ease air-flow. I run out of the prefolds before I do of any of the others, and just sold off a lot of AIO's that were sitting.
For the fourth, I've got one AIO, and three pockets, for outings, but the rest are prefolds and fitteds that I've made, I know I'll reach for the prefolds more often!
See, we just can't seem to feel the love! We have tried and tried!

I JUST had todzwife dye loads of them for DS and for the babe on the way. But, now I have finally resigned to the fact that they will go unused and have listed them on the TP. I held on for a long time before having them dyed. Then I convinced myself the love would come. Well, I kept one or two when I sent the rest to have them dyed. Doing this and attempting to use them SOld me on the fact that they are just not for us

I think it is great that you have found or feel the love and that you have a system that works so well for you!
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Oh we love PF's too
They are such a wonderful diaper- so easy and they clean well and fit great! I really think there is a learning curve to them, but once you get it- it's SO great!
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I am the exact same way. I only use the fitteds and FB's for nights now. Prefolds trifolded in wrap for day if we're going out. Snappi'd prefolds uncovered at home.

I have sooo many other neat diapers not being used...maybe it's time for selling them....

There's just something so nice about a clean fluffy prefold. They never get stinky like the other dipes either
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I've been lovin' my prefold lately too! I go back and forth between fitteds and wool or pfs and wool these days. I even brought out the flats last week and started using them again.

There is something so cute about a pinned prefold! So simple... Makes me feel a sort of kinship with all the mothers of my grandparents era, before there was anything else... (can you tell I've been in a nostalgic mood lately :LOL )

They're easy to wash and look great hanging on the clothes line! I just can't get enough of them lately!
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We are loving prefolds here to. I have finally started to really get a few of the hard to get hyena fitteds only to sit on the shelf and look pretty as we grap our pf and snappi.
I also love our prefolds. They just seem so much more comfortable without all that elastic and ruffles. Plus they are so adjustable. I guess I'll save my fitteds for dh to use because he is afraid of pins and the snappi just scares him to death.
I nly bought PF's so I would have back -up just in case. It was only a matter of time b4 I sold off all my AIOs and fitted for PF for my DD. Now that shes growing out of them we are into pockets and fitteds, but I cant imagine doing it differently in the beggining!
We are loving prefolds too. DD seems to get the least amount of irritation with them. No marks on her legs and no heat rash. Plus, they are just so easy. No thinking about what fits best under what cover. Just snappi and toss on the cover.
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And I thought I was alone in my obsession for simplicity!

So tell me, do pinned or snappi'ed prefolds work well under wool, like longies??
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i use snappied prefolds under wool all the time--no longies here but shorts and soakers--no problems.
I've been feeling the prefold love too, which is really funny b/c I started out with prefolds, went completely away from them, and now I'm totally heading back to them (though I'm keeping my yummy side-snapping fitteds b/c they fit great too). I'm especially loving my sherpa prefolds b/c the stretch makes the fit perfect! Like side-snapping fitted perfect, except better b/c they're darn near infinitely adjustable. Simplicity is good.
Oh, and I use snappi'd prefolds under knitted wool all the time (soakers, shorts, longies) with no problems at all.
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Originally Posted by bdavis337
And I thought I was alone in my obsession for simplicity!

So tell me, do pinned or snappi'ed prefolds work well under wool, like longies??

We do it all the time here w/ no problems! I use trimmed pinned UBCPF's!!

ETA..forgot to say, that like Jaye, I too have lot's of lovely fitteds in my stash, but lately have been picking up the pf's more often. I
the simplicity..ease of care, use and the look. I
the diversity of my stash too, though, so my fitteds won't be going anywhere anytime soon! :LOL
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