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That stupid cat...

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... or why they need to make circular knitting needle cables out of kevlar.

One of our cats has ruined two more of my circular needles. I went off to bed in a hurry and left out the sock I was knitting (on two circulars) and he chewed on the cables. He has done this to probably about 6-7 needles now. I am usually really good about stashing the project before leaving the room, but jeez!

I wish DH had seen it sitting on the couch... he'll usually notice something like that and hide it.

Well, crap. Now I have to go to the yarn shop again. Thank goodness I've got a 20% discount coming...

Thank you for reading this far, and if you know of a brand of needles with kevlar cables, let me know! :LOL

Anyone else have obnoxious cats and crafting stories to share?
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That totally sucks!! Maybe try working on double points instead of circulars?

Our cat, er, the cat that shares his domain with, the cat likes to play with yarn. A lot. It's my own fault though, because i made him some cat toys out of the same kind of yarn that i use to crochet and knit with. For the longest time he would attack the corner of boo's blanket, but after being reprimanded a few dozen times he doesnt do that anymore.
Well, not craft related, but today my evil cat Willow vomited all over the pile of clothing I need to bring to the cleaners.

So now I have to put these sweaters on the poor guy's counter and be like, "Sorry for the cat puke, yeah, that one's cashmere..."

Argh! Gross! I'm extra annoyed cuz my DH said he saw her trying to barf on them last night but chased her away...maybe we should have picked up the pile then, huh? Darn...

OK, vent over!!!
Double point needles are 10x worse... I'm so slow on them, and no matter the material, the cats chew them. And they fall out a lot.

PLus, the yarn shop was out of the needles I wanted but I ended up spending almost $100 anyhow. Got some good books, though.
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