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I got a jury duty summons and the coordinator did not want to excuse me. She told me that they have a "lactation area" so I could have someone bring my son to me. I highly doubt they want me leaving the room every 1.5-2 hours to nurse him though.

She suggested I get a family member to take off work and care for my 2 kids. I told her that I just couldn't see how I could do jury duty when my son is "so little" (of course not telling her he's almost one!).

She did eventually excuse me which means I'll probably get called again eventually.

Our state law says that women who are breastfeeding can defer jury duty without giving an age limit. I imagine that next year if I get a summons they will not be too happy if I defer it again because I'm nursing a 2 yr old.

How do you all handle this?

(I wonder if they will excuse me if we homeschool?)
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