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Buying dipes that is
Seriously, I think I"ve developed some sort of complex that compells me to buy at least one new diaper a week. Lately it has gotten worse. Last week I bought 12 wonderoos, a used Rikki Wrap, a package of 6 BK prefolds, 2 wet bags, 6 wipes, SP cover, and I'm currently in the process of buying 4 more JB, and that doesn't include my swap package!!! I keep using the excuse that DD has gone thru a growth spurt, but really its me
From now on I promise to only buy JB ( I still need a few more) and clothes for DD (okay, I have more than enough clothes too)! Maybe I should not allow myself to go to the TP board!!! Oh, and I want a SS bag too :tounge

Somebody stop me.......... I need HELP

but I don't really want it
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