These are our ten favorite math books for kids!

Sometimes we want to give our kids a little bit of an edge when it comes to math skills. Whether it's to enrich or remediate, there are some fantastic books that can make math fun and easy!

These are our ten favorite math books for kids!

Math-facts that stick is a fun math book

1. Division/Subtraction/Addition Facts That Stick by Kate Snow

These fun books are great little add-ons at the beginning or end of the day to help your children master basic facts and have greater automaticity in math responses. There are hands-on activities and games and practice pages with guides for you too!

Playsmart brain boosters help math

2. PlaySmart Math Brain Boosters

This book has lots of different games, puzzles, and mazes that will keep your child having so much fun they won't realize it's boosting math skills and reasoning! There are reward stickers in the book to give after challenges and it has a wipe-off board right with it. Great for enrichment!

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Brain Quest books build math facts

3. Summer Brain Quest

We love the Brain Quest Series - the cards we take in the car and the books we work on at home or at appointments. Though it says summer, this workbook also is great for weekend work too. In our house, my son earns screen time (in 5-10 minute chunks) by doing some enrichment/remediation math or reading and he loves these for doing just that!

Bedtime Math is a fun reason to stay up late

4. Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse To Stay Up Late!

This book is so much fun and really, a good 'excuse to stay up late!' The book has math problems that are fun to tackle together - riddles and jokes and it will have your child literally begging for 'one more bedtime math problem!' There are three levels for all the kids and we warn: it's a bit addictive!

These math puzzles are fun

5. Everything Kids Math Puzzles Book

This huge book is filled with fun math puzzles, challenges, adventures, and games - but in the traditional style of the 'Everything Kids' series. There are brain teasers, magic square games and even fun ways to incorporate license plate adventures!

6. Puzzlemania Brain Teasers

This fun book from the folks at Highlights develops critical thinking, logic, and number reasoning skills... and kids don't even know it because they think they are just having fun doing brain teasers! The perfect way to exercise those necessary math skills in a way kids will enjoy!

This book will make you want to open and learn about math

7. Don't Open This Math Book!

A math whiz, bestselling author and actress, Danica McKellar tickles our funny bones with this adorable addition and subtraction book that kids and parents will love. It has fun lessons on addition and subtraction, and your kiddos will not be able to get over opening the book when the mouse explicitly tells you not to!

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This really is a math book but kids will never know!

8. This Is Not Another Maths Book

Older kids will not roll their eyes when they see the title of this book by Anna Weltman - it specifically says it's not another math book! So while they're enjoying all the clever things Weltman 'teaches' through numbers and patterns in math, kids will have no idea they are learning math facts as they discover the 'art' of math. It's all art and fun to them - but mega-math skills to you!

This teaches math facts in a fun way!

9. 40 Fabulous Math Mysteries Kids Can't Resist

Another older elementary/middle school math book we dig is 40 Fabulous Math Mysteries Kids Can't Resist. It's full of funny math mystery stories that let your kiddos practice problem-solving and math skills at the same time, while helping them work toward better mastery of NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) standards.

These comic strips will make math fun

10. Comic Strip Math

Third- through sixth-graders (and maybe even younger, depending on their math ability) will love these comic-strip math problems that help them with specific math skills while reinforcing and strengthening problem-solving and critical thinking. They're laugh-out-loud and there are eighty, so you could easily use them as weekly reinforcers or specific skill builders as needed!

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