We've got the best Father's Day gifts for every dad there is!
It's dad's day, and while he of course loves any and everything his family gifts him with, it's always nice when it's something unique and thoughtful. That's not to say that he won't cherish yet another coffee mug with a cute saying on it, but why not try to find Father's Day gifts dad will flip for? Especially from companies you'll love for their eco-friendly practices and give-back policies.

Whether it's your dad, your kiddos' dad, your brothers or uncles or any dad-like figure, finding eco-friendly and fun Father's Day gifts dad will flip for is easier than ever, particularly when we compile an incredible list of some of our favorites!

These companies not only make the best Father's Day gifts, they do so with purpose and passion. Many companies are female/minority-owned, take the environment into account when they're sourcing and manufacturing, and many give back to their communities and the world with each purchased product. Sounds like winning combinations for Father's Day gifts dad will flip for!

The Best Father's Day Gifts For All The Dads You Love

Spunky Stork Matching T-shirts These are great matching shirts for the Best Father's Day Gifts

Could these be any more adorable? We honestly do not think so. The Spunky Stork began in 2009 when a husband and wife team decided to create some amazingness for babies and kids. Knowing that the immune systems of littles is not fully developed and they're more susceptible to toxins, The Spunky Stork chooses to uses materials that have zero dyes and colorants. That's why their entire product line is white.

They focus on using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that is gleaned in fair trade and by high ethical standards. Organic and sustainable farming is important to them, and they love doing so in a way that makes people smile. Which is exactly what these hilarious and downright adorable t-shirt sets do. The Spunky Stork has hundreds of funny designs screen printed on baby onesies as well as as toddler/youth/adult t shirts that allow daddy and his minis to match in the cutest way ever. The stuff memorable pictures are made of, these shirts carry a glee guarantee for satisfaction.

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Personalized Memory Game

Speaking of the stuff pictures are made of, here's another super cool idea that no other dad in the world will have. It's a personalized memory game, and you and the kiddos can choose from dozens of patterns and use different photos for each of the game pieces. Paper Culture's goal is to inspire and design quality products, and in a way that takes notice of the climate crisis and the importance of sustainable production. For every order from Paper Culture that's made, a tree is planted. And even better, Paper Culture's employees are the ones grabbing the shovels and planting the trees in their local communities. They also join with national and international arborists as they plant trees all over the world, and they've already planted over 1,000,000 trees. All of Paper Culture's products are sustainably produced using materials like 100% post-consumer recycled papers, and the goal is to offset their carbon footprint at the corporate level too. This means they recycle, compost and choose offices that are close to public transportation, for example.

All while making the most fun personalized paper products.

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Fracture Photo Tiles

Another rad dad idea using photos (because dads are big softies) is creating Fracture Photo Tiles. Pries range from $17-$135, and they let dad have something better than a few digital images on his phone to have hanging in his office, man cave or anywhere in the house. With Fracture, you can choose a favorite photo sure to make dad smile, and then have it come to life with the print on vibrant durable glass. Fracture believes in treading lightly on our planet, and they are committed to being a carbon-neutral company. The photo tiles are gorgeous and the corporate belief system dad (and you) will be 100% behind.

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Create-Your-Own Photo Magna-Tiles

If you'd like your littles to be more involved with the photo creation once it's done, then these custom Magna-Tiles are going to be hits. You can take your own family photos and put them on the Magna-Tiles we all love so much using CreateOn. You can take the best of all your pictures with the favorite dads in your life and place them on the tiles. You can choose from 8-32 image tiles, and all the tiles are compatible with other Magna-Tiles sets. Not only are these personalized tiles a unique and one-of-a kind gift, they're a great way for your littles and dad to bond and play in a fabulous STEM activity constructing patterns and developing fine motor skills and coordination.

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VidDay Video


And if you still want to use pictures but prefer a more digital platform, no worries. VidDay has you covered. They're a team of awesome people who want to be a positive force in the world. They help make meaningful videos to people to feel loved and appreciated, and they don't just spread happiness through videos. A portion of every VidDay sold is donated to a charitable cause (they're about to launch with OneTreePlanted in the coming weeks), and they offer Get Well Videos totally free because they believe that support from loved ones makes a difference in healing and recovery. They want to make a billion people smile, and they do so easily with reasonable pricing and easy-to-navigate software. If you want to make the special dads in your life something they'll have to remember forever, VidDay is there to help you do so with joy.

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Do Good Soaps And SudsDo Good soaps are some of the best Father's Day gifts.

We always love finding cool people as we come across cool products, and that's just what happened when we stumbled across Lee Ann Hopkins. A former clergywoman and attorney who wanted to make soap and change the world, she says she went, "from one bar to another." Her mission with Do Good Soaps and Suds is two-fold, helping people on their journeys to zero-waste and healthy lives, as well as clean up the earth one plastic/soap/lotion/balm/bar at a time. Do Good Soaps and Suds have hand-crafted solid soaps, shampoos and lotions all made in small batches from ethically-sourced, vegan and plastic-free materials. Each package has a personal note from Lee Ann, and a portion of every purchase goes to support the Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Jane Goodall Institute.

There are tons of options dad will love, but we particularly love The Brew Bar as it's a heavenly scent of lavender, rosemary, lemon and peppermint made with a craft beer from Alexandria, Virginia. Like Lee Ann says, "Use Less Sh*t, Do More Good," and we agree.

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Polywood Adirondack Modern Chair

We love companies committed to making the world a better place, and that's where Polywood does an excellent job. Using materials bound for landfills (plastic containers), this eco-friendly company makes gorgeous outdoor furniture and accessories that will last for generations. They started the company on the idea that some recyclables didn't have legit places to go, and created masterpieces. They're 100% made in America from plastic containers that were once on their way to the landfill, and they all have a 20-year warranty because of the quality in manufacturing. Polywood is committed to making America beautiful and with this Adirondack chair, the dads in your life will be doing that while they relax too.


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XTorch Solar-Powered Light / Cell Phone Charger


Though the XTorch is a reliable and renewable power and light source for dad and any adventures he might want to engage in, what we love is that it was developed with one purpose in mind--providing light and cellphone charging power to families, chidlren and refugees who live in the darkest places on our earth. Gene and Keidy Palusky came up with the aswer to darkness five years ago, and in that five years, they've donated thousands to humanitarian relief efforts in more than 30 countries around the world. It has a 7-10 year life-span, and it literally only needs to sun to charge it. Is it the only solar light/charger on the market? No, of course not. But is it one that is committed to helping the people of the earth one light at a time? It is. And dad will love it.

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PlaneForm Patterned Leather Coasters

Is dad an aviation nut? Then he's going to love all the finds from PlaneForm. This small business is veteran-owned and makes some pretty incredible stuff for the aviation fan. Whether it's bottle openers, wall art or even etched items, PlaneForm uses the highest quality materials. We think these patterned Leather coasters are pretty cool, and you can choose from different patterns if you like. They're precisely etched with detailed aircraft silhouettes and they come in a matching holder. Dad will be thrilled every time he sets a drink down.

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Hippy Feet Socks


There aren't enough happy-face emojis we could assign to the mission behind this company. Hippy Feet is a Minneapolis-based Benefit Corporation dedicated to supporting the homeless. They provide transitional employment to young people between the ages of 16-24 who experience homelessness in the making of their incredibly awesome socks. Every product purchased means you're helping them help young people build new lives, and so in a sense, you're parenting young people with each purchase. Hippy Feet doesn't look to be a forever employer to young people, but to give them some incoming, opportunity and job training that will help them experience the basics of human dignity and move into stable housing and full-time employment. All socks and apparel items are made in the U.S. with environmentally friendly materials and practices, and they've already been able to add over 1,600 hours of employment for young adults in Minneapolis, Chicago and Duluth. Each pair you buy comes in a package signed by the young person experiencing homelessness who helped, and that means the special dads in your life will get an eco-friendly product with an incredible story.

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Eucalypso Organic Eucalyptus Sheets

We spend so much of our time in our bedrooms, and it's incredibly important that what we sleep on is clean and protective of our best health. That's why we think the dads in your life will flipover ultra-soft eco-friedly sheets that are made from organic eucalyptus. Founded just a few years ago by Elle Liu who was in search of natural bedding for her own sensitive skin, she created these natural and eco-friendly alternatives to cotton.

They're just right for the hotter summer months, and they prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria (eww) when sleeping. Even better, they're currently matching all purchases with donations to Global Giving's COVID Relief Fund so buying for dad helps the world. Just be warned, dad may not want to leave the comfy cozy bed.

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TruSens Air Purifier

And since it's not only important to have health-building sheets, but cleaner air for you as you breathe in overnight (or any place in your house), you may want to consider a TruSens Air Purifier for dad. Consider it a joint gift, if you will, as it will keep your whole family healthier, cleaner and fresher. It helps get rid of dander and dust, which means your allergies and irritations go bye-bye also. TruSens Air Purifiers clean the entire room, not just near the purifier. A remote SensorPod is always gathering info about the air quality in your room and the air purifier adapts its fan speed to clean all the air. Truly a gift that keeps giving.

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Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle
The Nomader is a best Father's Day Gifts for dads
Founded by travel enthusiast and entrepreneur Bryan Sarlitt, the Nomader was designed because Bryan got frustrated when looking for high-quality hydration products. He created a collapsible water bottle that was portable and durable, and made of SAFE materials. It's free of BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, and other harmful leaching chemicals. Best, it's super easy to roll up and stash, but drinks like a hard-sided bottle and has an ergonomic strap that makes it easy for carry-along. It's easy to clean (just be sure to let it dry out when you do) and you can even use safely on the top-rack of the dishwasher. Get a few for dad to have wherever he is and make water drinking easy!

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Ancestry Kit
If you've always wanted to find out about the ancestry of your favorite dad, now is the time! From now through June 21st, you can get the Origins kit for only $59! Ancestry has over 16 million users and is the world's largest consumer DNA network. The favorite dad in your life simply sends in saliva samples and in about 6-8 weeks, the results will be in. You can also give dad an Ancestry Gift subscription, with membership starting at $79. This will dad build a family tree, discover ancestors and find out all about the fathers before him. AncestryHealth Core and Ancestry DNA + Traits also make great gifts for all the dads in your life too.

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Zoey Sleep Pillow

Natural-minded dads will love a new sustainable pillow that is perfect for any sleep position they have. Zoey Sleep is leading the wellness revolution starting with an important facet: sleep. The Classic Pillow shows love to Mother Earth as it is made with Lyocell fibers. These are made from sustainable woods like oak, Birchwood and eucalyptus which help the fabric breathe and still be gentle. Shut-eye is important for your back and for your immune system, so the right pillow can make all the difference.

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Unbound Merino Shirt

Want to get dad a lightweight, wrinkle-free shirt that goes for days and days before needing a wash and is super eco-friendly compared to conventional cotton tees? Then Unbound Merino is the way to go. Merino wool regulates dad's temperature, dries fast and doesn't wrinkle, but it also doesn't need washing for 40 days or more of wear. Seriously. They're the perfect shirts for busy dads, and especially ones who want eco-friendly alternatives to conventional clothing.

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Tushy Bidet

Look, let's not beat around the tush. We mean bush. Get every dad you know a Tushy bidet attachment. They're saving the world from deforestation one butt at a time. They help us use less toilet paper (which, ahem, we've found can be an issue) and there really is nothing like a clean bum. Seriously consider it a gift for the whole family, but tell dad it's his butt you're looking to pamper. Whatever you do, just get it.

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Be sure you read that correctly--Tarpestry, not tapestry. That said, Tarpestry is the perfect mix of beautiful tapestry combined with a tarp bottom to give all the dads you know a blanket that is perfect for backyard campouts, movie nights, forts in the living room, picnics and more. Created to help families live better outdoor lives with eco-friendly practices in mind, Tarpestry is committed to incorporating sustainable components in all aspects of business and the founders' lives, including local manufacturing in beautiful Boone, North Carolina. They utilize biodegradable and recyclable packaging and shipping materials as well as incorporating vegetable dyes in their Classic Tarpestry process. They also recycle Tarpestries in a process they call Tarpestry-Cycle! Dad will love the UV-blocking and water-repellant surface for camping, working or playing at home. There's a velcro pocket for easy storage and four grommets for hanging or staking. Dad'll love it, but you'll love all the uses. And, it's on sale for 15% off for Father's Day!

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Lander Kiva Rechargeable HeadLamp

The Kiva headlamp is not your average headlamp in that it's made from sustainable materials and is rechargeable and waterproof. It's made from recycled ocean plastics, is super lightweight making it easy to take anywhere, and is waterproof for any goofy (or wet) adventures dad might embark upon. It's a great and affordable option for a sustainable light that incorporates REPREVE eco-performance fiber from recycled bottles. You can tell dad he really lights up your life with this headlamp.

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Copper H20 Water Bottle

Odds are dad doesn't drink enough water, and this stylish water bottle can help with that. But there's more to Copper H20, as it's the original maker and seller of high quality copper water bottles. It's a 100% female-run company that operates with a 'good karma' vibe--donating 15% of their profits to non-profit groups that work to get clean water to developing countries. Not to mention, have you heard about all the great info on the benefits of copper as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral? It's okay, we won't judge if you buy one for yourself too.

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Every Man Jack Cologne

Cologne is a traditional Father's Day gifts but when you're looking for the best Father's Day gifts, you want ones that are safe for dad. Instead of those chemically-laden colognes in the department stores, check out Every Man Jack's line of premium scents that feature Cedarwood, cypress and citrus peel combined with a vetiver finish. He'll smell delicious and feel great and you don't have to worry about any of the chemicals or toxins. Win!

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House of Jerky Beef Jerky

What dad doesn't love Jerky? Especially when it's made the old-fashioned way, like House of Jerky does it. Their jerky is sliced from lean, whole premium top round steak and doesn't have any MSG or preservatives. It's quality jerky they'be been making since 1993, and they have lots of options if the dads in your life are fans of jerky. They do discount offers for members of the military, and they're sure you're going to love what they think is the best jerky in any house. So much so they're offering Mothering readers a 10% discount at checkout if you use the code MOTHERING. It's good through June 28, 2020.

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AlignMed Posture Shirt

The reality is that most of us don't have the best posture. And since we have been sitting more lately, we need to address posture as it can be the root cause of many debilitating conditions as you get older. Alignmed is an evidence-based product that's gone through nine clinical trials to show the difference it can make in your posture and overall health. It's a non-pharmaceutical way to help beat back pain and damage from our poor posture and it's not just a thing that great athletes like Peyton Manning wears (though he did). It's a wearable piece that dad will appreciate for a million different reasons.

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Sometimes finding the right gift for dad is near impossible but with this huge list of awesome products from incredible companies? You'll find the best Father's Day gifts a breeze.

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