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The 6 week postpartum check up

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This is probably such a silly question...but anyhow

My OB practise's website ( I'm switching soon, this is really hypothetical) states that there will be a vaginal exam performed at the 6 week postpartum check up.


( I flunked it after my first birth, I really don't know!)
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My midwife does a PAP at the 6-week check, and checks the healing of any tears, etc then.
I think it is to do a pap and to check the cervix for any damage that might have happened that couldnt be seen right after the birth.
So how risky is it to not have it ( I had a PAP in February) ?

I'm not comfortable with a vaginal check up that early after birth.
you can always just decline it and have another pap at your regularly scheduled time.

My midwife doesnt do paps at 6 weeks pp.
It's fine to wait on the pap. Guidelines have been changing, some medical sources now say that if a woman has had 3 consecutive normal paps, she can get a pap smear every 3 years instead of every year.

My midwife gives me the choice about whether or not I'd like a vag exam at the PP check. As others said, the reason is usually to check to make sure any tears, etc. have healed.
I'm not doing that. We're not waiting 6 weeks to have sex either, we'll have sex when I'm ready and not on anyone's time clock
I'd play it by ear, if you have tears that you want checked out, go get them checked out, if not and you're not comfortable, then decline and say you're not getting a pelvic then. I decline pelvics (I am not any more at risk for cervical cancer than I am at risk for any other type of cancer, I don't have HPV) because they make me uncomfortable, sometimes I'll be given the run around, but I'm aware of what's going on in my body and I am not comfortable with being felt up there. If I was concerned, I'd go in (like if I bled for way longer than usual, skipped many periods but wasn't pg, etc, but I'm not, so I willn't.

I like to research what exactly they do before I submit to routine exams. I quickly looked up the 6 week PP checkup and am able to confirm that I wouldn't do it unless I felt it was necessary.

This is kinda what I do (and ultamitely why I decided UP and UC)
At your postpartum checkup, your caregiver will:

• Check your weight and blood pressure.
Okay, or I can do it on my own

• Check your abdomen and breasts. She'll feel your belly to be sure that there's no tenderness and check your breasts for lumps and abnormal nipple discharge. If you're breastfeeding, she'll make sure you don't have any clogged ducts or the beginnings of a breast infection.
Again, I can check my breasts for lumps, clogged ducts, etc. If I was concerned, then I'd likely go to LLL or a lactation consultant, or just a women who was knowledgable about that.

• Inspect your perineum and do a speculum and internal exam. During the speculum exam she'll check to make sure any bruises, scratches, or tears to your cervix or vagina are healing properly and she may do a Pap smear. During the internal exam she'll feel your uterus and ovaries, and check your vaginal muscle tone. She may do a rectal exam as well.
Again, I can do this with a mirror, and if I'm overly concerned, DH can do the rest. Otherwise I'll just plan on kegaling and being gentle the first few months or so PP.

• Probably give you the green light to start having sex again. But don't worry if you don't feel up to it yet.
I'll go ahead and give myself the green light when I feel up to it, not a moment sooner or later.

• Talk over any concerns.
If I have concerns, I'm not likely to wait 6 weeks anyway, so that's not necessary.

Okay, there's my brain-work. Does that help at all? Really, it is totally your choice and is up to whatever you feel comfortable with

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I guess it depends on your caregiver. I couldn't wait to see my MW again

She did check me but didn't do a pelvic exam or PAP. She checked to see how I was healing, asked me to do a kegel to make sure my pelvic floor muscle integrity was good, she checked my rectus abdominus to make sure the muscles were coming together as they should. Asked me how I was feeling, how my diet was, reminded me to drink, eat, Mother myself, was very supportive about breastfeeding, sleeplessness, asked how the sex was going, coo'd over my new babe, hugged me, told me that she loved me and that she missed me

I'm thinking that if are so indifferent to your caregiver that you don't want to visit for support after your birth then it's a good idea that you are looking for someone new

Good luck,
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