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The absolute WORST way to wake up!

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Oh, my poor baby!
She and I sleep on the floor together, there's no way to fall off anything.

She rolled over in her sleep- onto a wasp!
It took us so long to figure out what happened that by that point there wasn't really anything that could be done pain-relief wise.
First we thought maybe a nightmare because she wouldn't wake up, then we undressed her and checker her over, didn't see much of anything.
But after she messed on me (no diaper) and we got her eyes open, a spot right on the edge of her diaper line started raising a welt.
She cried and cried and cried like I've never heard- even last week when she knocked out a tooth!
She nursed so hard I'm totally drained-and I had been feeling a bit engorged prior

I just feel so
for her. I was scared out of my mind when she was screaming so bad!
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How absolutely bizarre!! Hope you both feel better soon.
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Oh, your poor baby! That must be horrible. Are you sure it's a wasp sting and not a spider bite? Did you find the wasp? The only reason I'm saying something is because some spider bites can be very nasty. I hope she feels better soon.
fairly sure it was a wasp, though we didn't find it. But there was only one puncture mark.
Poor baby! I hope she's better soon!
Poor baby! Could it have been a scorpian? I would think that's more likely than a wasp, but I don't know where you live.
a scorpion? I've not seen one. we're in Arkansas

I figured wasp because we have swarms around our house and several have made their way in.

I even hac=ve a nest of then in my car's air system right now- when I start the engine, a dozen ir so wasps fly out of the vents into the interior. It never got cold enough this winter to kill off the wasps and ticks and such. erggh.
Oh that is horrible! Thank goodness she didn't have an allergic reaction! It is so hard to see your baby in pain like that.
poor little girl. I rolled on a wasp when I was 7 and was stung 4 or 5 times before I could get up and get my nightgown off. If it's still tender and swolen, a great cure I learned in Europe was to finely mince 1/2 a small onion (like 1/4th an American sized one) and press or tie it against the welt with a handkercheif. It sounds weird, but it works. Try to get the onion juice out a little by crushing them a bit before applying it. It's cool and it really makes it feel better.
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