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I am currently sloooooooooowly weaning my almost 2-year-old DS. We have nursings down to about three times per day. We just got rid of the before nap nursing - which BTW I thought would be the hardest, but it wasn't - but it seems that when DS wakes up from his nap, he is in a funk and is fussy and can't get even. But if I let him nurse, afterward, he is a new man. It's like a car that has no gas but then gets fueled up.

Here's the problem, I'm wanting to find ways to get DS to get even without having to nurse him. Any helpful tips? Of course, every day is different - some days I can distract him with food or play or whatever, but other days I know I'm looking down the barrel of a hard afternoon if he doesn't get his "me me's."

TIA for your help!
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