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The Best Evidence Based Book on Babies!

review by chiro mom

I'm a first time mom also from the healthcare field, so to find a book that I feel has great substance to it is very important. Dr. Palmer writes this book in an easy to read format that flows nicely and I can easily put it down to attend to the needs of my baby and not be lost when I come back to it.

She presents well researched ideas, theories and facts with an organized and unbiased approach. She cites her work well for anyone interested in delving further into a specific topic or questioning it's background.

Overall this book is incredibly helpful and insightful for anyone contemplating attachement parenting or questioning the advice popularized by the media and/or practiced by our parents. More parents and child caregivers should follow their instincts rather than a-how to book on babies that is not supported by evidence based research but rather written simply based on what the ignorant masses do.

I'm a more confident mom in knowing that my gut reactions and instincts in child rearing are proper and supported; my daughter is already a more well adjusted baby that trusts and loves because of the practices we've put in place. I'll be recomending this book to patients and friends for years to come.

High praise for Dr. Linda Folden Palmer for compiling such an incredible piece of literature! You've done a great service in preparing and educating parents to raise a more successful future generation

Easy to read, great information with clear sources, makes sense!I want to see a follow up, I`d love to have more information and i`m sure Dr. Palmer will provide in the future

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