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An Important Book

review by hilary jacobson

Linda Folder Palmer's "The Baby Bond" is a complete informational package on major behavioral, digestive and immunity issues that parents typically confront when making parenting decisions during the first days, weeks and months after birth.

Often, as parents, we are overwhelmed in the first year, and easily influenced by the opinions of family, friends and the medical community, who, however, may not be up to date on the science. The choices we make for our children, from how we respond to their hunger cues, digestive distress, sleeping needs, and vaccination schedule, to name a few, will have a long impact on their lives, no doubt.

Becoming versed in the issues before birth would be such a bonus to new parents, and I know of no other book that covers so much so well, and in a style that is not judgmental or drawing conclusions and making decisions for the parent.

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