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Dr. Palmer

review by sandsbeach

I have honestly not had the opportunity to yet read this book. But i have read her past book and given it away as gifts to new moms. Dr. Palmer has also worked with me directly in helping me treat my son. My son was born 2 months premature and had severe reflux and failure to thrive, especially during the first year of his life. I was fortunate to find Dr. Palmer. She was very personable and full of knowledge. She greatly assisted me in figuring out ways to "feed" him and get him to increase his calories with foods that were easy for his stomach to digest. His severe reflux made him unwilling to breastfeed directly. But I still pumped as much as I could and Dr. Palmer also helped me figure out what foods were okay for me to eat while he was still getting my breastmilk. I continue to use her as a huge wealth of resources whenever i have a question.

very knowledgable author

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