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The bathroom is not my friend

444 Views 10 Replies 9 Participants Last post by  Friendlee if peeing all the time wasn't enough, now I seem to have developed another lovely bathroom addition.

For the past week, I've been having pretty bad diarrhea.
It's weird though...only in the morning and then I usually feel fine throughout the day. But, it makes me not want to leave my house and it's no fun at all. Otherwise I feel fine. I usually get super duper hot right before I have to go. It's weird.

I haven't eaten anything strange or changed my diet. I'm thinking possibly just hormones? Anyone else experience this before?
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I have discovered that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is predictable about my trips to the bathroom anymore. I swing from constipated to diarrhea and everything in between. Plus, and this is lots of fun considering how nimble and quick on my feet I am right now, I get very little warning for the diarrhea. I only just barely made it to the toilet the other night! Yikes!!
I'm eating pretty consistently, so I think this might just be hormones. Woohoo, what fun! :p
yes, me too! and occasional hemmrhoids too! so glamorous and fun.
Yep count me in with the lovely whacked out bowl movements.
Man I haven't had that but I feel for you. This may have nothing to do with what is going on with you but I do remember when I used to have a period (long long ago lol) I would know when I was getting ready to start because I would have the worst diarrhea the day before. It would come from nowhere and it was horribly painful. Then like clockwork I would need to pull out the tampon box. Maybe we release some type of hormone related to pregnancy or mensus that causes this. Or maybe it is not related at all. IDK. I am anxious to ask my OB about it at my next appointment.
I'm right there with you. I've had diarrhea for 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden I had them only with contractions the last 2 days. I could go pee like normal and not go. Would walk out and close the door and have a contraction and have to go right back in because all of a sudden that's when I would have to go diarrhea. Yuck right. I'll be glad when it's all over. I'm just trying to remind myself that this is all in preperation for real labor.
Me too! I've had it at least once a day for the last week. Each time, I think "OH, maybe something's going to happen soon." But it never does, so I've stopped thinking that.
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I am trying to make the best of it...
I'm reminding myself that for some of you, you said that labor pains were a lot like diarrhea belly cramps. So while I'm getting the belly cramps, I'm reminding myself NOT to clench up, but instead to relax and open and take a deeeeeep breath and just let things move. It's too easy to just "clamp down!" and clench my teeth! So, even in a small way, this is practice.
That stinks. I've not had diarreah but I have to poo like 6 times a day. It's insane. I'm waking up at night to go! Nothing else going on, but I live in the bathroom all the time.

Originally Posted by Carlito's_wife View Post
but I do remember when I used to have a period (long long ago lol) I would know when I was getting ready to start because I would have the worst diarrhea the day before.
I hadn't made that connection, but I used to get that, too! Not that I'm glad that anyone else is experiencing this, but I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. I guess that it's probably just part of the experience. I'll ask about it on Thursday when I go to my appointment if it's still going on.
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I'm struggling with this too...Softer (messier) BM's with undigested food bits - not necessarily diarrhea. (Sorry if that's TMI). And I do the same thing Spiralshell, trying to avoid the clenching and tightening and just allow whatever needs to happen in order to practice.

It's super annoying. I get really hot too, just before and even feel nauseous. It actually continues afterward too, feeling really hot and like my blood pressure crashed. I get this exhaustion feeling through my arms and legs and just HAVE to lie down. In fact, I tried to get my haircut the other day while this was happening. (Luckily my stylist is a good friend). I had to leave her chair twice during a quick trim and go lie down in the salon bathroom to prevent myself from faitning while in her chair or throwing up.

Hating this.
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