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The beauty & meaning of the family bed

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Last night I slept enveloped in life. Adults, children, animals, different generations and different species snoring, cuddling and purring together. Our bed seemed a model of openness and acceptance, of hope for the human race, of the sanctity of all life. It was so beautiful.
I'm looking forward to tonight and to the nights to come wherein I'm staging a eight hour (if I'm lucky) protest against so much of what is wrong with the world. Tonight as I sleep I'm modeling for my children what is important and good. Tonight our sleep will have a new depth and meaning.
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What a lovely post!

I must say, there is nothing so sweet in this world as waking up together as a family. The cat, my DD, me snuggled up with DH...I'm looking forward to adding our newest babe to the "fold". I simply cannot imagine sleeping apart!
I love your post. It's such a nice picture. My cat bites me in the middle of the night and our bloodhound snores really loudly. But I wouldn't have it any other way I love having my whole family in my bedroom. I don't think I could sleep any other way (actually I know I can't). And I am very much looking forward to adding one more to the group next year....ahh happiness
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My 3yo son wakes up in the morning and gives me the sweetest sleepy smile that shows me he knows how much he is loved and valued. My 5mo daughter rolls over and bumps against me and gives me the biggest grin when I open my eyes. I wouldn't want to start my day any other way. And the way I feel getting into bed each night with two darling children and my DH... indescribeable
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oh your post is so beautiful! everyone's stories are

and it makes me sad... i miss having my dd snuggled in bed with me
she is just not a cosleeper no matter what i try! i am praying that eventually she will come back to our bed and i'll having mornings like you've described in the later years.
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What a great post!

Seeing my DD smile every single morning just confirms that what I do is so right. No one could tell me otherwise.

Thanks for a lovely post that warmed my heart!
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I posted a poem about co-sleeping a while ago that I wrote myself... I will go find it and post it here! wait, wait.....
Ok... here's the poem.. enjoy!

We have a little family bed,
it's warm and tight and fun
we love co-sleeping and swear by it
when it's night or when there's sun

we pretty much have daddy
sleeping on the floor
the poor guy has to beg for space
so he doesn't fall off anymore...

I love to wake and see his face
his chubby, so kissable cheeks...
I hold my boy in my arms all night..
my mom just thinks we're freaks...

But I don't care, we will co-sleep
until the end of infancy...
because these angels grow too fast
they'll be grown tomorrow, you'll see..

ok, I know I'm not the perfect poet... but I thought it was funny (and true)!!
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There's nothing better than all of us snuggled in bed at night. Actually, I like when ds wakes me up with kisses and says, "the sun's shinin' it's good mordins mommy!" better than going to sleep!
this is sweet!

and, funnny! i was going to start a post for us all to share our great cosleepin stories. it seems i found myself on this board a lot when ds was btwn 9 mos to 2yrs old. i was near ripping my boob off for him to have at night! but at some point things just got better! i suppose it was after we ever so gently night weaned him, and we have a queen bed next to a twin bed on the floor. i simply cannot imagine spending 10 hours at night without him by my side. i wish i had the words to describe how amazing it is to have such a peaceful family bed. even our dof gets frantic if he is not in the room with ds at night. really, shep (
: ) has spent a few nights at my inlaws and they say all night he pants and cannot settle down. he has to sleep with his baby! and we cannot imagine any other way, unless it was adding more babies to the bed!
thank you for this post, i think it is great for us to share our LOVE for the family bed!

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